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Useful links

Belgium http://membres.lycos.fr/behcet/kbsrch.htm
Canada (Ontario) http://www.geocities.com/behcetsontario/index.html
England http://www.behcets.org.uk
France http://www.behcet.asso.fr
Germany http://www.behcet.de
Israel http://www.behcet.org.il/
Italy http://www.behcet.it
Japan (Tokyo) http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~behcet/index.html
Korea http://www.behcet.co.kr
Portugal http://behcetportugal.com.sapo.pt
Spain http://www.behcet.es
The United States http://www.behcets.com/
Turkey http://www.hulusibehcet.net/society.htm

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