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For BD Patients

Useful advice for Patients from Behçet's UK

Behçet's UK has collated the following tips for coping with the current crisis - thanks to Tony Thornburn and Behçet's UK for allowing us to pass them on...

Tips for Behçet’s patients to manage anxiety whilst at home during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Chat regularly with your friends and family via the phone, social media or video calls

Give someone a call who you’ve been meaning to contact for ages, or you could write them a long letter. If you’re choosing to follow the social distancing guidelines, you can still walk to a post box provided you don’t come into close contact with anyone.

Try to get some fresh air every day, even if you only open a window.

 If you have a garden, you’re well enough and the weather is okay, then try to spend some time outside in it every day.

 If you are able to, do some kind of exercise every day. YouTube has thousands of easy-to-follow beginner’s yoga, pilates, dance and other exercise videos.

 Spend time with your beloved pets.

 Read. Read new books, or re-read your favourite books again.

 Get stuck into that Netflix or Amazon Prime series you’ve been meaning to watch for a while. If you’re feeling low, stick to watching things that are light-   hearted, like comedies.

Remember as well as subscription services there’s plenty of box sets to watch on terrestrial TV on demand services.

Re-watch your favourite films or TV series again.

Cook or bake something new. There are plenty of recipes available online or try one of the ones that we feature in our quarterly newsletter.

Start a new hobby. It could be learning a new language, playing that musical instrument you’ve had stashed in the loft for years, or doing some painting. The possibilities are endless. YouTube and Skillshare are good for finding tutorials in many different hobbies and interests.

 Listen to your favourite uplifting music, or listen to podcasts or the radio.

Try not to spend too much time reading/watching the news. Perhaps allocate a specific time each day to check the headlines.



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