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Dear Behçet’s Disease Clinical and Scientific Community Colleagues;

Dear Behçet’s Disease Clinical and Scientific Community Colleagues,

We are writing first of all to extend our best wishes to you all and your Families during the COVID-19  world crisis, in the hope that you all stay safe.

Having sought the views of the ISBD Executive Committee, and of the local Organizing Committee, there is a general agreement that we have no choice but to cancel the meeting in Athens this year.  

The members of the organizing team have already worked hard to create a great academic programme, and our thanks go to them all. The plan now is to roll the programme on to a later date, when, in happier times, we can meet in Athens, share data, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Hopefully that will be next year.

Dorian Haskard, President of International Society for Behçet’s Disease
Petros Sfikakis, President of the 19th International Conference on Behçet’s Disease

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